Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) Fundraising

Following the recent fund raising clothing collection arranged by Costain’s Richard Paddey, which Extrudakerb were delighted to be involved with, it was our pleasure to be invited along to a presentation and demonstration of the unbelievable work which the Yorkshire Air Ambulance carry out for the people of Yorkshire, and sometimes beyond. The most alarming statistics from the day were the fact that the YAA are called out between 4 and 5 times per day, and that the charity needs to raise an incredible £12,000.00 EVERY day to keep both air ambulances operational.

The passionate presentations by the YAA fund raising and operational teams were certainly very humbling, and then the stark reality of vulnerability hits home, as stories from previous patients who had been unfortunate enough to need the YAA services, but also lucky enough to survive BECAUSE of the YAA teams expertise and response.
This is a charity which Extrudakerb will be looking at ways to support in the future.


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