Concrete Drainage

Across the world the construction of drainage systems using pre-cast elements is being replaced by insitu slipform construction.

Extrudakerb can provide a wealth of experience for the design and construction of insitu slipform drainage systems having placed over 1 million cubic metres of concrete over the past 30 years.

Extrudakerb are able to advise Clients how to best make use of the many advantages of the slipform process and accelerate programme whilst reducing costs.
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Concrete Safety Barrier

ECB is a high-performance concrete barrier system with sufficient design and construction parameter flexibility to accommodate project constraints, rather than a barrier system where the project design and construction must be adapted to facilitate its inclusion.
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Concrete Security Barrier

As part of global reaction to increased terrorist threats the UK Government has led the way in developing improved new standards and new measures to protect otherwise vulnerable infrastructure.

Insitu concrete security barrier evolved from the proven technology of insitu concrete highways barrier that is such a prolific sight along the worlds highways.
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Concrete Pavement

Extrudakerb have for over 30 years provided both machine laid, slipformed and traditional hand laid concrete pavements. Clients include all road overseeing authorities, the military and private sector. Pavement construction includes continuously reinforced, jointed reinforced and jointed concrete slabs.
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Asphalt Kerb

Extrudakerb have for over 50 years dominated this established sector so much so that asphalt kerb is often referred to as “extrud a kerb”

Extrudakerb offer a complete design, installation and maintenance service of its extruded asphalt kerb.
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