Providing and maintaining an accurate, realistic, and current Construction Programme is vital to every construction project.

Whilst every construction project must have a Construction Programme because it is a contractual requirement, the benefit of skilled Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers feeding into the main project programme is an essential planning and management tool (when used correctly) that helps ensure project’s success.

Here at Extrudakerb, our in-house planning team have all the programme management skills required for the planning, execution, control, and delivery of construction projects.

We pride ourselves in being able to build contractually compliant Construction Programmes, ensuring that the programmes not only cover the scope of the contract works, but are built with appropriate levels of detail and content, including resources and constraints.

Our programmes can also be accompanied by a programme activity statement to provide a detailed narrative on the logic and sequence of the programme.

Our programmes are created whilst working closely with our Clients to ensure that the full knowledge and understanding of the Main Contract programme requirements and the overall project objectives are met.

Our programmes are updated frequently in order to ensure they provide an accurate overview of both completed and outstanding works.

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