Our employees are our greatest asset and our Health and Safety Strategy builds on our pioneering initiatives over the past few years; we want our people to be involved and work to our high expectations that says ‘if we cannot do it safely, we will not do it’.


Key to the strategy is that everyone takes ownership for their teams, their colleagues and their own health and safety.

The intention is to continue to harness the genuine desire of our people to work safely and give them clear direction, clear standards, clear responsibilities and common goals.


We challenge our people to positively intervene in health and safety, working in an open and transparent way to report unsafe acts and conditions to improve awareness and drive continuous improvements.

Workforce Engagement

We continually reinforce safety messages through numerous health and safety initiatives and focused internal and external training, all with the aim of driving further improvements as we continue towards our goal of zero injuries.

Our Health & Safety Policy Statement is available on request.

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