M6 J21a to 26 Smart Motorway - May Update

Following on from the success of Link 1 & 2 Central Reserve works on the M6 J21a to 26 Smart Motorway Project, Extrudakerb remobilised to site mid-April to embark on the Link 3, 4 & 5 Central Reserve works. As expected, the excellent outputs and quality have continued from where they left off, thanks to collaborative working, Extrudakerb’s high tech concrete trucks and a dedicated mobile batch plant supplied by Tarmac.

In the four weeks since works recommenced, 3000m3 of concrete has been placed, slipforming 5km of Surface Water Channel (SWC) and 2km of Extrudakerb’s concrete barrier system (ECB), along with the construction of 120no SWC outfalls.

The slipform SWC works are now complete for the Central Reserve works, which again saw excellent slipform outputs of up to 300 to 350m+ per slipform paver, per shift. The construction of associated SWC outfalls is on target for completion by the end of May, in line with our agreed Construction Programme.

The focus between now and the planned completion (end of June 22) is the Central Reserve barrier which will see the installation of a further 6.5km of ECB along with the construction of various hand lay bifurcations, transitions, and bridge expansion joints. Extrudakerb are once again pushing the boundaries of slipform outputs with the previous peak variable ECB output of 377m already being surpassed, laying down a new marker of 401m.

There will no doubt be challenges along the way, but the delivery of this programme is testament to the collaborative working between Extrudakerb, our supply chain and most importantly our customer, Costain.

Our works on this project continue to showcase what can be achieved with insitu-concrete products as we continue to set new benchmarks.

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