M27 Junction 5 to 7 - Project Update

In May 2024, Extrudakerb commenced works on the M27 J5 to 7 project near Southampton, working in collaboration with Morgan Sindall.

The project involves the installation of approx. 6km of Central Reserve Slot Drain and associated outfalls, along with 800m of Surface Water Channel in the verge.

The in-situ Slot Drain product provides our clients with additional surface drainage capacity and a reduced impact on the road construction layout whilst being able to cater for level adjustments and subgrade undulations encountered.

The M27 J5 to 7 project features both a freestanding (as shown) slot drain and ‘scab-on’ slot drain detail, in which creates an onsite installation solution to both existing and new carriageway constructions.  

We look forward to working together with Morgan Sindall on our final project for the Concrete Road Framework.

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