Extrudakerb Wire Saw has Revolutionised the Concrete Cutting World

Pioneering H&S and efficiency improvements through technical innovation

Extrudakerb has, once again, revolutionised the concrete cutting world with the introduction of an automated concrete slot drain cutting machine that utilises diamond wire, designated the Extrudakerb Wire Saw. The Extrudakerb slip formed concrete slot drain requires sections to be removed to allow outfall chambers to be installed. These outfalls can be as frequent as 30 linear metre intervals. Historically, these sections have been cut with hydraulic chainsaws manually held by the operator. This carries a risk to the operator and limits the time that can be spent cutting, because of the potential for hand-arm vibration. Even though this is an acceptable method of cutting concrete, Extrudakerb knew that by challenging the present, the future could be better. Using in-house design engineers, Extrudakerb created a bespoke piece of equipment specifically tailored to the application, allowing optimum results in performance, safety and quality. To read the full, two page case study, open/download the PDF of the CS006 Wire Saw Leaflet in full using this link:

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