M6 J21a to 26 Smart Motorway – Update

Once again, Extrudakerb push the boundaries of completed insitu Central Reserve Concrete Barrier with 632m (180m3) of ECB installed by a single paving team in a single shift.

As we continue to showcase to the industry that ECB is the market leading concrete barrier system, these excellent outputs are only achievable if the site is made available. We therefore once again thank #Costain for their continued support in preparing large sections of site and for having the confidence that we will perform.

Our supply chain of #Tarmac and #GCP were once again on hand providing the support and assistance to make this happen.

Not only are Extrudakerb and #Tarmac focused on pushing boundaries with production, we are also looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and help the environment. This focus has seen us introduced an “eco-mix” to the project which requires less cementitious material per cubic meter of concrete than traditional mix designs, whilst still providing the required compressive strength.

Not only is ECB the most efficient insitu Central Reserve Concrete Barrier on the market, it is also the kindest to our environment!

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