Extrudakerb Innovation and Continual Improvements Verifi Concrete Management System

As part of Extrudakerb`s growth, innovation and continual improvement programme it recognised that the consistency of its concrete was greatly affected by its transport and delivery method. Moving forward Extrudakerb invested in eight of its own concrete mixer trucks, to help run the trucks as efficiently as possible. All the trucks were fitted with the Verifi concrete management system to assist with this process.  

Extrudakerb use a specific family of concrete mix designs that lend themselves to the slipform paving process whilst still conforming to the required exposure classes. The Verifi system had to be tailored to measure and manage these types of concretes. Extrudakerb and GCP applied technologies formed a partnership to enable both parties to get the best out of the Verifi concrete management system, striving to achieve the best quality and most consistent concrete delivered directly to our pavers. We were invited to support GCP applied technologies, in presenting their Verifi concrete management system, at the Highways UK (Roads for a connected Britain) show at the NEC Birmingham, and supplying some customer feedback, as one of their most successful customers. Adrian Pickard (Extrudakerb, Materials and Concrete Technology Manager) and Helen Frape (GCP Applied Technologies, Business Analyst) presented to representatives from some of the companies attending Highways UK and to some of the representatives from Highway England.     The presentation was well received with positive feedback from all involved and the system was viewed very highly by Highways England as the way forward in concrete management. GCP entered their Verifi concrete management system into the “Resilience, Sustainability and Waste reduction category” at the show and successfully won.  

There were three other categories’ open to awards, the winners of all four categories were put forward to the overall winners of the show and GCPs Verifi system took this award. Highways England and their main contractors are looking at GCP and the Verifi system as a market leader. The accuracy and traceability of concrete delivered using this system is a major game-changer in terms of concrete quality and the supply. With the performance requirements of in-situ concrete continuing to increase this technology will become invaluable to numerous parts of the construction industry, who are all striving to utilise the highest level of quality concrete. Extrudakerb are proud to be at the forefront with this type of technology and see this as a very positive step forward in the continual growth as an innovative and market-leading company.  

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